Real Restoration is your solution for any commercial construction building projects. We are experts in construction for commercial buildings of every type of application from multi-family to bars and nightclubs. Our team strives to meet or exceed all building specifications to insure your commercial construction project is a success. No matter the property type or the project scope, Real Restoration Group is here for all of your commercial construction needs. With our team of skilled trades, craftsmen, project managers, and advisors our mission is to create and deliver Real value for you, working closely with you through every step of the process. Real Restoration can help you cover some or all parts of your commercial construction process, assisting you with new construction planning, to affordable office build outs and solutions. Either serving as a general contractor or commercial construction manager, we can oversee all aspects of the construction process from project planning and scope to design and execution. Our culture of ingenuity, aptitude, accountability, and professionalism will empower you in all of your organizational needs. Let us show you the difference Real Restoration can make.

chicago new construction office


In today’s constantly evolving business climate, you need office space that responds to your needs and market demands. Whether new construction or the improvement of an existing space, you need something flexible, reliable, and efficient, and a construction team that embodies those same qualities. Rely on the Real Restoration Group for all of your office construction needs; we’ll serve as your general contractor or construction manager, overseeing all aspects of the construction process. We provide customized solutions to meet any cost and schedule requirements, addressing all of your business’ challenges with the utmost care and minimal effort on your part.


When looking to convert or update an existing building into a multi-family residence or design and build a new one from the ground up, you are going to need a construction partner who understands your strategy, specifications, and unique requirements. No matter the scenario, you are going to need construction that will stand up to your needs over time and the wear and tear of your particular usage. With a focus on finishes and attention to detail to maximize your earning potential and investment, Real Restoration Group can develop properties for you that consistently produce over time and satisfy your unique requirements. Let our customized solutions and world class construction management team bring your designs to life.


No matter where people choose to stay or congregate, Real Restoration is there to build the ideal experience and environment for your clientele. Whether redeveloping or updating an existing property or building to suit, you are often looking to meet the challenge of maximizing the use of at times limited space. Count on Real Restoration Group to work with you every step of the way to ensure every aspect of your facility is built and tailored to your needs on time, hassle free, and with a total commitment to construction excellence. Our belief in providing quality craftsmanship, courteous service, and precise plan execution will shine through to those you serve.

chicago new construction retail


Whether franchise stamping, retrofitting or converting an existing space, or ground up new construction, Real Restoration Group has the experience, expertise, and resources to handle all of your retail construction service needs. Our dedicated team of craftsmen and specialized trades can take you through the entire process, from design, blueprints, and planning to build out, finishes, and execution. There’s no stone we leave unturned, and we do so with minimal involvement on your part. Expect your retail storefronts completed efficiently, on time, and on or under any budget….. because Real Restoration Group was built to exceed your expectations.


Real Restoration delivers construction solutions to address all needs of its Industrial clients. Whether that need is new construction of manufacturing facilities or customized solutions to rehabilitate a property back to a state of operational readiness, RR offers a comprehensive scope of services for project design and execution. We provide all critical field work and construction management, pulling your blueprints off of the page and into reality with minimal effort or involvement on your part. We build to make a difference for you and your organization.


In the food and beverage entertainment industry your designs for user experience, atmosphere & mood are the lifeblood of your business. The importance of making the right impression and creating the right environment are critical in developing a place customers want to flock to time and time again. Your vision and ideas are truly unique, and you are in the business of giving people what they want (or what they didn’t even know they wanted). We are in the business of making those designs a reality. With great attention to detail and an unsurpassed ability to execute on your exact specifications on time and on or below budget, team up with Real Restoration Group on your next project, concept, or refresh. Whether developing an existing space or building from the ground up, we will make sure every experience you create is a memorable one for your clients and a seamless stress-free one for you.