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Real Restoration Group is a proven professional construction and restoration services company dedicated to surpassing its clients expectations. With our agile project management approach and deep roster of skilled trades, designers, architects, and managers, we assemble a tailor-made best-of-breed team that controls costs, time, and quality for each and every job. 

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Construction Manager

A Construction Manager is responsible for overseeing the construction process for construction and remodeling projects. Their duties include: upholding the use of quality materials and procedures, adhering to budgets to complete tasks or purchase materials and supervising job progress to align with the owner’s expectations. Aside from the primary duty of overseeing a construction project, a Construction Manager will have other duties and responsibilities as well.
Some of these duties and responsibilities, but are not limited to the following, include:
    1. Keep daily employee logs and monitor the conduct of each one of them.
    2. Ensure that the construction project complies with all safety and building regulations.
    3. Conduct an in-depth analysis of the project to come up with the budget and deliverables.
    4. Establish risk factors, then manage and mitigate them to ensure the construction goes on smoothly.
    5. Work closely with Management, Architects and Engineers to establish the requirements for the construction.
    6. Liaise with local authorities to obtain licenses and permits for the project.
    7. Prepare reports and updates on the project.

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Electrical 1 Electrical
Lighting 1 Lighting

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