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Real Restoration Group is a proven professional construction and restoration services company dedicated to surpassing its clients expectations. With our agile project management approach and deep roster of skilled trades, designers, architects, and managers, we assemble a tailor-made best-of-breed team that controls costs, time, and quality for each and every job. 

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Restoration of Historic Bridgeview Bank After Water Damage to Prominent Building

Restoration of Historic Bridgeview Bank After Water Damage to Prominent Building

Real Restoration Group Expertly Restores and Preserves Chicago’s Historic Bridgeview Bank Following Water Damage

Real Restoration Group (RRG), a leading provider of restoration and emergency services in the Midwestern United States, has announced the successful completion of an extensive restoration project at the historic Bridgeview Bank building, located at 4753 North Broadway, Uptown Chicago.

Bridgeview Bank building exterior from street level

Bridgeview Bank building exterior from street level

The landmark building, built in 1925 during the golden age of bank architecture, suffered water damage that threatened the integrity of its grand and classical design. Real Restoration Group undertook the project with meticulous care, respecting and preserving the building’s rich heritage while incorporating modern functionality.

bridgeview bank building exterior in uptown chicago

“Working on a building with such historical significance is always a delicate balancing act,” says a spokesperson for Real Restoration Group. “Our team was able to skillfully restore the building’s unique elements, including the teller spaces, ornate windows, and the entire ceiling in the main atrium area. We were also entrusted with the restoration of custom woodwork and plaster work.”

The extensive project also included the restoration of the entire second floor and an entry that holds historic landmark status. The Real Restoration Group’s efforts have not only salvaged the building’s original features, but have also ensured it remains a functional and safe space for today’s workers and the community at large.

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Real Restoration Group is proud to extend its services beyond the building and renovation tasks, offering comprehensive assistance in dealing with insurance claims related to fire, wind, water, vandalism, and break-ins. They document damages, manage claim submissions, and guide clients through the complex process, providing peace of mind during these challenging situations.

Bridgeview Bank Grand Staircase

“With every project we undertake, our aim is not just to restore physical structures, but to help restore normalcy for our clients during difficult times,” the spokesperson added.

bridgeview bank building interior ceiling

The Bridgeview Bank restoration is a testament to Real Restoration Groups’ dedication to preserving the region’s architectural heritage while meeting the modern-day needs of their clients. For more information on Real Restoration Group’s services, visit their services and capabilities page.

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4753 North Broadway, Uptown Chicago

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Real Restoration Group is a Chicago-based construction and restoration company that provides a wide range of services to government, education, healthcare, institutional, and commercial clients throughout the Midwestern United States. Specializing in damage control and restoration for residential and commercial properties, they are committed to high-quality craftsmanship and efficient project management, ensuring a smooth process from initial damage assessment to the final restoration.

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