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Unveiling AMA Uptown-Andersonville Montessori School – Founder Interview & Exclusive Tour

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Unveiling AMA Uptown-Andersonville Montessori School – Founder Interview & Exclusive Tour

AMA Montessori School Uptown-Andersonville Campus

Privileged and honored to share an interview with the founder of AMA schools, where we discussed the construction process, design, experience, and challenges building through a covid restricted climate. In the heart of Andersonville, a vision was set in motion.

Our team @realrestoration, alongside visionaries Mahdi Dadrass and Sameer Shanbag of @amaschools, embarked on a journey to redefine Montessori education in the Andersonville community.

Learn More about AMA: https://amaschools.com/

Welcome to American Montessori Academy (AMA) Uptown-Andersonville Montessori School. What once was a vision of high-quality, inclusive education for children from 8 weeks to 9 years old, has now become a reality.

This 12,000 square foot facility has been transformed into an environment that Dr. Maria Montessori herself would have envisioned—a ‘casa dei bambini’, where every corner is designed for learning, growth, and exploration.

Eight Montessori classrooms have evolved from blueprints to fully equipped educational sanctuaries, designed with the child at the center. From child-sized features and ADA-compliant facilities to HEPA certified air filtration systems, every detail caters to creating a safe, nurturing environment.

Equipped with advanced technology, leading security systems, and energy-efficient utilities, our school stands as a beacon of innovation and safety in the community.

We extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Mahdi, the leadership at AMA Schools, and everyone who placed their trust in us to bring this project to life. The AMA Uptown-Andersonville Montessori School symbolizes more than just a structure; it embodies our promise to the future generations.

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