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Industry Leader Real Restoration Group Identifies a Surge in Insurance Claims as Chicago Weather Turns

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Insurance Claims Surge_Real Restoration Group

Industry Leader Real Restoration Group Identifies a Surge in Insurance Claims as Chicago Weather Turns

As the Chicago weather continues to feel more and more like Spring and Summer, the Winter month’s brought plenty of snow and precipitation to the Chicagoland area and Real Restoration Group (RRG) experienced an all-time high spike in insurance claim clients and homeowners seemed determined to get instant remediation and restoration.

Due to the high rate of ice damming from volatile weather conditions, we encountered a significant influx of insurance claims for water and ice related damage, marking a considerable year-over-year increase.

Morris Gershengorin, Founder & CEO

Fortunately, Real Restoration Group was there to deploy the most dedicated and passionate team to help clients process insurance claims and restore their homes. Real Restoration offers continuous staff support and helps homeowners process their insurance claims in an efficient manner. Armed with a talented and devoted staff to process insurance claims related to water damage, fire damage, and other conditions specific to weather emergencies. If an unexpected incident knocks on the door, homeowners can count on Real Restoration Group’s 24/7 emergency services. Seasonal transition in Chicago tends to be extreme and unforeseeable incidents and weather swings are sometimes inevitable.

In simple terms, homeowners can avail RRG’s premier team and receive assistance for thorough damage assessment and first responder services without delay. When it comes to processing insurance claims associated with weather damage, RRG believes in a comprehensive approach to mitigate or resolve issues for the homeowners.

Morris Gershengorin also commented, “We also want to share our gratitude and appreciation for the insurance industry and adjusters. Their continued trust in us helps expedite restoration and rebuild claims. Their level of dedication and commitment in dealing with each claim in high volumes and long hours is an integral part of our customer service and ensures things move in a timely and efficient manner.”

Perspective matters – and Real Restoration Group possesses years of experience to undertake a wide range of insurance claims. The company understands the cause-and-effect relationship of damages that stem from wind, flood, fire, or other natural disasters. Real Restoration has in-depth knowledge, experience, and professional staff to overcome and restore the lives and properties of clients.

Homeowners can take a sigh of relief and leave the burden of processing complex insurance claims on the shoulders of Real Restoration Group. The company understands the intricate details of the home restoration and insurance claim process. As a homeowner, visit https://realrestoration.com/emergency/

Learn More about Real Restoration Group’s 24-hour emergency center here.

Clients continue to show their confidence and hope in RRG’s team to take care of their insurance claim emergencies. Real Restoration is at the forefront and offers specialized services to clients to provide a detailed scope that allows claims representatives from both public and private entities to navigate the loss and progress accordingly.

A detailed submission of scope means clients get a much better chance to obtain insurance benefits. For instance, pictures prior to the damage caused by the weather condition can make all the difference and help clients get the most value out of their insurance claim.

Real Restoration Group offers damage control for commercial and residential properties that undergo wind, water, fire, vandalism, or robbery. At RRG, its expert staff understands the traumatic toll of such events and offers thorough support and professional assistance. Burr Ridge homeowners in Illinois concur about the pleasant experience of dealing with the Real Restoration Group when they had to face the wrath of a brutal Chicago snowstorm for days.

Over the winter months, many homes had to deal with frozen roofs that created leaks. One satisfied client affirms, “Real Restoration came to rescue without delay and offered remediation to avoid more damage. On top of all, they also were generous and helped us understand the entire process through my insurance provider.”

Real Restoration Group is an ideal choice for homeowners to process insurance claims, document damage, and submit claims without dealing with the traditional and time-consuming bureaucratic procedure.

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